Friday, 6 July 2018

A man in a house with ice for windows

Hey. Been a while. Did you miss me?
Sorry, I forget this blog even fuckin' exists sometimes.
So yeah, things. There's things! Quite a few things.
So many fucking things I'll have to do multiple blogposts for this.
Oh well, you get the fucking point.
So, we're gonna talk a lil bout the things that have resurfaced.
The two legendary Cool Dogs Christmas albums.

seeing snow & christmas extras (both from 2011)
seeing snow

christmas extras

Recorded by Sarah & Noah of Cool Dogs, these two (or rather one record + outtakes) is an icy collection of ambient synth jams.
seeing snow is two longform tracks a lil bit apart from each other track length-wise, the first of which features elmo at the end for some reason
the first is a drawn-out ambient synth jam. very warm, bells, synths, melodies that creep in and out, truly a piece for the ages
the second is a layered rhythmic composition, almost prog rock-y in some fashion
christmas extras is 2 tracks, one 25 mins long and the other is 9 mins long
good stuff imo

listen to both here

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