Sunday, 21 October 2018


whats up, it's me, jenny permafrost
rich let me use his account so i'm doin the updating

more tape-fucked new age by synth trickster trio cool dogs

a bbjnrj hidden classic (edition of 5 cdrs given out exclusively at house shows) by resident aerith zezeze, a girl rich met online. alien dxm comedown

another bbjnrj hidden classic by aerith zezeze (edition of 3 cdrs!)
crystal starshine & gemstone skies

a duet by synth trickster noah jaymaki of cool dogs & aerith zezeze
temple anxieties & heavenly levitations of the dog spirit

"demo by gus (carwash mist, occasional sesh-in guest) from 2006; inspired by terence mckenna and kaplan's translation + commentary on the bahir. 'we are at the cutting edge' - terence"
dronefucked vgm

by frequent houseguest antony williams nikolau
rainbow weed slab o wax
hi-fi & hi-fucked disco

that's all for now.
have fun
-jenny permafrost

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