Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Whoa guys, Rich Entango here......... Falling off the horse in the best way ;) We're releasing a cd we put out back in 2010 from this band  church on earth (aogm) that we used to be in touch with, no idea where they are now but Cassie and Maggie were very cool back then! 😃 This band was totally off the scratch, hypnagogia style,really talented, because they made the artwork themselves.....

Anyway we went back in the archives and restored this for us! Good luck listening to it ♥

I think we gave this out on a disc at one of our house shows in the same year.... if u remember let us know!

Comi n from the mountain coming from the cave, comit in my hand makes me so brave with eagles wings :) i can fly, i screech across the sky, aaaaaaaaaaaah

rich entango over and out


2 copies of sun/volcano left by the way guys! thanks for buyng those, this is like a real big big jade n ruby jewels revival! :) peace

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