Thursday, 10 January 2019


excerpts from 4 longer live jams at the year's end concert series/showcase, 2010.
shared bills with COOL DOGS, GREMLINS SOUNDTRACK, NEW WORLD SATELLITE, CHURCH ON EARTH NIGHTLIFE BAND and a transitional-era ANCIENT ALIEN FANCLUB (on the verge of the LIGHTSURFER sound, this session produced 80SHYPNOBLOCKADE)
rich: there are some uncharacteristically high energy moments in these recordings for carwash mist, or for that matter any of your projects.
gus: the opening track, you mean?
rich: the energy in the room that night was intense. for everybody's sets.
ruth: i think bbj has cultivated this reputation of sleepy new age music, efortless casio jams. but you both can attest that all of us are keen on all sorts of music.
gus: there was always, kind of a shared interest in the 'ardcore continuum', techno broadly speaking. post-punk and early hardcore punk. nerdy 'progressive' music, synths and guitars.
rich: mm...
ruth: so we kind of wanted to blend more of that in with carwash mist than either of our other projects. at the time, it's still the case, electronic music in general was kind of saturated with this self-serious, theory reading, greyscale-industrial thing.
gus: that or the aggro/sex-obsessive power electronics thing ('oh, but it's a meta-comment!' bullshit. you people are creeps)
rich: bbj was definitely a space for... something else.
gus: something more relaxed.
ruth: and fun!

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