Friday, 2 March 2018


Hello again!

Know things have been mostly kept vague, but yes, we're working on getting the Cool Dogs CDs out. Another item added to the catalogue of upcoming/unearthed things is... this thing!

Live at the Eastern Hills by Magazines

I have no idea what this one really is or who made it, only thing I have is this note that came with it.

"This has travelled many miles and to whoever finds it: Congratulations! It's in your hands now. Magazines was/is (who knows at this time?) a band founded by [smudged] in 2011. This recording is from the legendary Eastern Hills show in Vermont, in a field somewhere, on the 21st of December, 2012. It's not much but hey we're proud of it. Magazines was disbanded a few albums after recording this. If you do happen to find this, please reach out at [phone number edited out for privacy reasons] and we could talk from there, hopefully it still works by the time you find this. There is no real reason you may have it, maybe we like your label and wanted to send you a demo, or you just happened to have it. It's yours now, though.... Upload to the Internet, use it as you will, share with the world. Well then, take care!"

Another item added to the catalogue is...
Lunchtime Temples by Firewood (Noah of Cool Dogs)

Noah himself reached out with updated art because he didn't like the original cover very much but he still gave me permission to share. This means this edition will be completely fresh. Low on printer ink at the moment, but oh well!
Original cover for Lunchtime Temples.

All of these are coming... eventually.

Thank you for your patience!

-Rich Entango

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