Saturday, 10 March 2018

new Parfay at the Opera house of the mind!

Hello Vomit! Robert here, Rich's assistant I work on the archive most of the days of the week :-) I'll be making some posts for Rich Entango when he's not here!

I've been doing some cataloguing lately and Rich gave me permission to post a series of covers from 2009-2012 that we've recently dug up, you'll see these in an upcoming series of releases be sure of it!

These are the first 6 covers! We're still dustin off some more, the "Hallogen Era" series
from the 2012 cabinet we are stll yet to find,

Bright Hallogen Fluid carried in the chest cavity of a Hollywood Drifter to take to his alien mothership at the Hollywood sign

 Also the halloween series


Take care,
- Robert Stevens Mango


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